Venice Free Walking Tours are organized by professionals which encourages sustainable tourism, supports local businesses, local culture and traditions.

Each tour is both fun and educational, the perfect introduction to the city and its thousands of years of history.

A good tour guide is far more than just a part of the tourism market. A good tour guide is a friendly greeter and an ambassador of the city. In 2008 we discovered Sandeman Tours in Berlin and after eight years we begin a similar project in Venice.

We all live in Venice and we will tell you things about Venice that you cannot find in any travel book. All our guides have a degree in different disciplines – Art History, Architecture, Sociology, Economics and each of us has a different perspective, different guiding style, different route and personality! One thing that we have in common – passion for this special place and willingness to share it with you.

We know plenty about Venice history, culture, local traditions and we can help you with any general or practical questions you have regarding your stay in our city.

Everyone should be permitted to take a guided tour for a price they feel it was worth – even FREE!

Our goals are:

1. Promotion of tourism and sightseeing

2. Encouraging sustainable tourism

3. Maintaining and promoting traditions and Venetian culture while nurturing cultural development.

4. Supporting local activities

We are working to perform these tasks by:

a) Promotion of cultural events

b) Educational activities in the field

c) Broadcasting of knowledge about the Venetian heritage, remembering that it’s one of the sites on the UNESCO Heritage List

d) Supporting active tourism