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Inspired & Passionate Travelers

Venice Free Walking Tours are organized by professionals who encourages sustainable tourism, supports local businesses, local culture and traditions.
Venice free Walking Tour is a local network of independent guides and tour leaders and was created with the purpose of supporting authentic and local Venice, the one that we sincerely love. We are not a part of a big multinational company, but members of Free Walking Tours By Locals.
All of the tours we provide are entirely prepared by our guides and they are the result of their hard work and study, instead of being a standard script prepared by a big multinational company.

Our Values

Journeys worth taking

Each tour is both fun and educational, the perfect introduction to the city and its thousands of years of history.
A good tour guide is far more than just a part of the tourism market. A good tour guide is a friendly greeter and an ambassador of the city.
We all live in Venice and we will tell you things about Venice that you cannot find in the most common travel book. All our guides have a degree in different disciplines – Art History, Architecture, Sociology, Economics, Foreign Languages and each of us has a different perspective, different guiding style, different route and personality! One thing that we have in common – passion for this special place and willingness to share it with you.
We know plenty about Venice history, culture, local traditions and we can help you with any general or practical questions you have regarding your stay in our city.
We have decided to become Venice Free Walking Tour guides because we believe it’s a great contribution to Venice and its visitors to offer everybody a chance to attend a 5 star tour leaving to your free decision to set the price according to your possibilities and satisfaction instead of setting a fix price. This way thanks to your generous donations we can keep guaranteeing these tours also to those who couldn’t normally afford a pre-payed tour.

Our Goals

Inspired & Passionate Travelers

Our goals are:

    • Encouraging sustainable tourism
      Maintaining and promoting traditions and Venetian culture while nurturing cultural development
    • Supporting local activities

We are working to perform these tasks by:

  • Providing the highest quality tours
    Educational activities in the field
  • Broadcasting of knowledge about the Venetian heritage, remembering that it’s one of the sites on the UNESCO Heritage List Supporting active tourism


Featured Testimonials

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Must do

"it was a very informative tour. A great Kickstarter to get the whole idea of this place. Our guide was really helpful in further guiding us on our respective queries. Would highly recommend of you are spending a day or two in venice" link to the review

Ruchika J

Exceptional Free Walking Tour

"Having not been to Venice for many, many years, I thought it would be a good idea to reacquaint myself with this wondrous city by taking a free walking tour the first afternoon. I've taken free walking tours in several European cities but none compared to this. Our tour guide took us to places we would never have found on our own. We were definitely off the "beaten path". Link to the review

From NY City

Really worth your time!

"We did the 10am walking tour , the guide was passionate and very enthusiastic about the city, as a proper tour guide should be. Got to learn some interesting facts and stories about Venice. Loved the tour and would highly recommend it to other's as it skips the usual touristy spots every other tour out there focuses on." Link to the review

Sara B.